About YouBills

YouBills is a free application that allows you to quickly and easily keep track of your spendings with your friends during a trip or with your roommates!
With YouBills, stay friend with your friends! :-)

What's the use?
For example, consider a weekend with friends. One will pay for the gas, another for the picnic, another apartment rent, etc.. So far the calculations remain relatively simple, but the list of expenses is piling up and it becomes difficult to know what are the current debts or not to forget a bill. In addition, the group often does not perform the same activities and there will be expenses that do not concern the whole group. Some individual purchases will be made ​​with money advanced by another, etc.. At the end, calculating the debts can quickly become a nightmare especially if one wishes to minimize the number of transactions.

How does it work?
With YouBills you do not have to worry about complex expense accounting in order to have everyone sharing the debts fairly. You create an account for a specific event (travel, roommate, anniversary, etc.).. You add the members who participate in this account You add costs indicating who has paid and who is affected by this expense. At any time, you know who owes money to the group and who should receive money. So it is very easy to decide who will pay the next spending so as not to have too large gaps. When it's time to do the accounts, you know exactly who should pay how much and to whom. The calculations are made ​​so that the number of reimbursement is minimal. No need to make dozens of checks!

About Us

YouBills was started after a 3-week trip in California where it became difficult to track who spent how much for what with who.

We are two engineers with various backgrounds in companies like Google, Yahoo!, Renault and wanted first to create a product we would love to use. After a few trips and occasional chats with friends we came to the point that the site might interest other travelers or roommates.

The plan is to keep the site as convenient as possible, reliable and with constant improvements. We also love feedbacks so feel free to contact us!